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Turning Point offers confidential resources to individuals and families.


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“I am doing so much better, much stronger.  My time in the Safe House gave me the time and resources I needed to get back on my feet.  Thank you for everything you have done to help me change my life.”   ~ Debra

“In the trenches of confusion and hurt, I made a call.  Since then, I got help and understanding I could not have found anywhere else.  Turning Point helped me heal in ways I never thought possible and, in turn, kept my remaining family intact and functional.  Words cannot express how Turning Point saved me and my family from further destruction.”   ~ Sam

“I arrived a tightly closed bud. I’m evolving into an open blossom envisioning fulfilled dreams. I am free to be the individual I truly am, not an empty shell merely existing. NO LONGER A VICTIM. I AM A SURVIVOR greeting each tomorrow with confidence and a smile. It’s not about him anymore, it’s about me. I strive to be a glowing beacon that has emerged victorious. Anyone can! I aspire to be an advocate for domestic violence issues. Education and awareness are essentially fundamental. No child, woman, or man deserves the ravages of domestic violence. My fervent prayer is that in some miniscule manner, I am able to impact the vast panorama of domestic violence. My deep abiding faith and Turning Point have provided more than mere words convey.”   ~ Michelle


Do you need help? Call our 24 hour Helpline: 1-610-437-3369

444 E. Susquehanna St.
Allentown, PA 18103
(610) 797-0530

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