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Turning Point offers confidential resources to individuals and families.

Staff & Board

The strength of Turning Point of Lehigh Valley has always been the commitment of its staff and volunteers. We nurture a culture of excellence that attracts the best and brightest people in our community. Our staff and Board members are passionate about our mission and deeply committed to making a positive and lasting difference in the lives of the people we support.

TPLV Staff

Lori Sywensky
Executive Director

Linda Thomas
Assistant Director

Nina McCarthy
Director of Operations

Andrea Search
Director of Advancement

Meredith Mecca
Community Outreach Director

Miriam Rivera
Community Advocates Director

Marlena Flora
Legal Advocacy Director

Rachael Hamilton
Housing Director

Braley Veras
Children's Advocacy Director

Join Our Board of Directors - Accepting Applications in Spring/Summer 2022

TPLV Board of Directors

Why is being on the board of directors at Turning Point of Lehigh Valley and being an advocate for domestic and intimate partner abuse survivors important to you?

S. Ketterer

Sheila Ketterer, President 

Owner, Three Bees Quilting, LLC

Burnley Enterprises – Part Time

"I have seen the impact of domestic violence and intimate partner abuse on close friends and loved ones who did not have somewhere to go for help. I want to be able to make a difference and help provide a solution for survivors."

D. Adams

Danielle N. Adams, Vice President

Owner, QueenSuite Coaching

"I am an advocate for human rights and civil liberties. I am passionate about Turning Point because of its leadership, its staff and the people we serve. Providing security and hope for a brighter tomorrow and abundant opportunities makes what we do an honor and a privilege. "

K. Laurito

Kim Laurito, Treasurer

American Bank, VP/Controller 

"Turning Point’s mission is one that is near and dear to my heart. It’s great to know that an organization as wonderful as Turning Point is a part of our community, providing an incredible support system to those in need of their services."

C. Ardnt

Cheryl Arndt, PhD 

Muhlenberg College, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

"It is very satisfying to know that we are helping people who are trying very hard to help themselves and their families. I am proud of the way the staff and leadership of Turning Point work with survivors to address many complex needs, including overcoming stigma and trauma."

Cameilia Baker Board Photo

Cameilia Baker, MBA

Lehigh Valley Hosptial, Director of Emergency and Hospital Medicine

"I am honored to be a part of an organization that enables me to invest in my community. I am deeply committed to reducing the stigma associated with domestic and intimate partner violence. Serving on the Turning Point board of directors allows me to give back to my community while advocating for those who do not have a voice."

J. Bolivar

Juliana Bolivar 

Troy University/Wild Industries, Consultant & Entrepreneur

"Domestic violence is a real issue in the world. One of three woman suffer abuse from their partner and I was of them. Knowing that I always had a strong support system and it still felt like my life was over, kept me thinking about how it feels for women who don’t. Being able to walk in the shoes of a survivor encouraged me to support Turning Point, as the staff was key to my own process. It is definitely an opportunity to give back to the people that truly care."


David Gilgoff


"I have two reasons why I wanted to be on the board of Turning Point.  First, at the bottom of it, domestic abuse is horrible. Second, I have had a long term interest in being on the board of Turning Point since it's opening since the days when Bonnie McDonald got it up and running in 1978."


Carolyn C. Harper

Self-employed, Coach, Trainer & TA Provider

New Board Member Statement Coming Soon!


Paul Mazzucco

TierPoint, LLC, Chief Security Officer

"In my career, I’ve collaborated with law enforcement agencies worldwide, and developed a thorough, systematic understanding of the behavioral profiles of cyber criminals. That experience, in turn, has offered me a unique perspective on developing processes and programs that help protect my employer and clients. The opportunity to apply such skills to an organization like Turning Point, which works to improve the lives of victims of domestic abuse, is a challenge I welcome and for which I believe I’m well suited. The timing is right to use my experience with other for profit and non-profit boards to give back to my local community. Turning Point was my first choice for this journey and I'm humbled to be a part of such a great organization."


Jenn Moore

Avesis Incorporated, Quality Assurance Manager

"During my career, I have had the opportunity to work in non-profit organizations with strong missions. I think most times the mission is key to engagement from staff and board members. I am very drawn to the mission of Turning Point. The loss of a dear friend, and colleague, to domestic homicide, was the unfortunate catalyst that inspired me to become more involved in the community and learn about domestic violence. Turning Point has been a great ally in my educational journey and my understanding about domestic violence. I'm passionate about the work Turning Point does across the Lehigh Valley, spreading awareness, and supporting survivors and their families. It's an honor to serve Turning Point and support their mission and those they serve in the community."


Peter V. Nickischer

Upper Macungie Township Police Department, Police Lieutenant

      "I think it is crucial to recognize just how devastating the effects of domestic and intimate partner abuse can be not only for the victim, but also those who depend on the victim as well (such as children, other family members, etc.). Sadly, I have seen this cycle of abuse first hand and the fallout that can be associated with it. Turning Point understands the importance of empowering victims and educating the general public, and the organization remains steadfast in accomplishing its mission. I am very honored to be part of this board and work hand-in-hand with others who are driven to stop domestic and intimate partner abuse."

Heather Walbridge Board Member 11.16.21

Heather Walbridge

NCR Payroll & HR Solutions, VP, Relationship Management

"I have always been an advocate for those in need.  I became aware of Turning Point and their mission a few years ago and ever since that moment, I immediately was drawn to the incredible work they do for the community.  I am humbled and honored to be a part of this organization to support and serve their mission."

L. Weiser

Lauren Wieser 

Concannon Miller & Company, CPA

"I am passionate about Turning Point because they go above and beyond to help our community every day. Turning Point provides people with a safe and welcoming place to go, and that is something every person deserves to have. I am both proud and excited to be part of this amazing organization."  

Thank you so much to our board of directors who made a video for our staff here at Turning Point in May 2019 early on in the pandemic.  This video shows their continuous support to the lifesaving work that we do every day.  We are so appreciative of the behind the scenes work that board does so we may continue the work that we do.

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