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Turning Point offers confidential resources to individuals and families.

Staff & Board

The strength of Turning Point of Lehigh Valley has always been the commitment of its staff and volunteers. We nurture a culture of excellence that attracts the best and brightest people in our community. Our staff and Board members are passionate about our mission and deeply committed to making a positive and lasting difference in the lives of the people we support.

TPLV Staff

Lori Sywensky
Executive Director

Linda Thomas
Assistant Director

Nina McCarthy
Operations Director

Andrea Search
Community Outreach Director

Lu Novak
Financial Director


Daisy Rivera
Safe House Director

Miriam Rivera
Counseling Director

Marlena Flora
Legal Advocacy Director

Mary McKenna
Children's Advocacy Director

If you are interested in being considered for a seat on the Board of Directors, please click here to find our Board Recruitment Assessment.

TPLV Board of Directors

Lisa Pammer
Sheila Ketterer
Thomas No Headshot
Deb Cummins-Stellato
Danielle N. Adams
Cheryl Arndt, PhD
Juliana Bolivar 
Thomas No Headshot
Robin M. Kulesa
Kim Laurito
Joan B. Marcus
Lauren Wieser


Lisa Pammer, President 

Piramal Critical Care, Controller

"Domestic violence affects millions, both men and women of every race. After learning about the impact Turning Point has had on survivors’ lives I knew this was the right organization for me. No matter who we are or where we are we are capable of making change. The staff at Turning Point are committed to providing comprehensive services and support to assist those seeking that change. I wanted to be involved with such an important mission."

Sheila Ketterer, Vice President

Three Bees Quilting, LLC, Owner

"I have seen the impact of domestic violence and intimate partner abuse on close friends and loved ones who did not have somewhere to go for help – I want to be able to make a difference and help provide a solution for survivors."

Thomas J. Domin, Treasurer 

DiversiTax Associates, LLP, General Partner

Deb Cummins-Stellato, Secretary

The Think Good Company, Owner & President

"I have been a champion for intimate partner abuse for over 30 years. I worked on college campuses for many years and served as a victim advocate. I have personally been affected by this issue having experienced emotional abuse in a former relationship. I am proud to support this organization and its mission."

Danielle N. Adams

QueenSuite Coaching, Business Owner

"I am an advocate for human rights and civil liberties. I am passionate about Turning Point because of its leadership, its staff and the people we serve. Providing security and hope for a brighter tomorrow and abundant opportunities makes what we do an honor and a privilege."

Cheryl Arndt, PhD

DeSales University, Adjunct Faculty & Research Psychologist

"It is very satisfying to know that we are helping people who are trying very hard to help themselves and their families. I am proud of the way the staff and leadership of Turning Point work with survivors to address many complex needs, including overcoming stigma and trauma."

Juliana Bolivar 

Small Business Consultant & Entrepreneur

"Domestic violence is a real issue in the world. One of three woman suffer abuse from their partner and I was of them. Knowing that I always had a strong support system and it still felt like my life was over, kept me thinking about how it feels for women who don’t. Being able to walk in the shoes of a survivor encouraged me to support Turning Point, as the staff was key to my own process. It is definitely an opportunity to give back to the people that truly care."

Rev. Donald Hayn

Robin M. Kulesa

Lehigh Valley Public Media, Director of Membership

"As a child, I was taught to help others who were unable to help themselves. As an adult, through personal experience, I became very much aware of what Turning Point stood for and the services they provide. Turning Point is one of those organizations who not only helps those who cannot help themselves, but empowers individuals by rebuilding mind, body, soul and providing the tools needed to make a lasting change for an “abuse free” life. They embrace each person as an individual regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or otherwise, and are instrumental in rebuilding self-worth and self-confidence, something that is not easy to do. Each and every person who walks through their doors has a face and a name that is never forgotten, even long after they have left. Passion comes from doing something you believe in and love. Paying it forward, being able to help support someone in need or make a change in their life is big to me."

Kim Laurito

American Bank, VP & Controller

"Turning Point’s mission is one that is near and dear to my heart. It’s great to know that an organization as wonderful as Turning Point is a part of our community, providing an incredible support system to those in need of their services."

Joan B. Marcus

Joan B. Marcus Communications, LLC, Marketing and Grant Consultant

"I strongly believe that everyone has the right to live in their home free from fear and violence. Turning Point of Lehigh Valley provides the tools and support to help prevent domestic violence, to support those affected by domestic violence so they can live free from fear and to bring the message of domestic violence prevention to the larger community."

Lauren Wieser 

Concannon Miller & Co., Senior Staff Accountant

"I am passionate about Turning Point because they go above and beyond to help our community every day. Turning Point provides people with a safe and welcoming place to go, and that is something every person deserves to have. I am both proud and excited to be part of this amazing organization."  

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